Long time film buff, I’ve acquired pretty extensive (I think) knowledge of films, film history and the technical side of filmmaking over the years. The digital video revolution, and – more specifically – the rise of large sensor cameras and video capable DSLRs now enables me (like many others) to actually go out and shoot.

I tend to have a structured and analytical approach to writing, which I hope will translate to informative and well thought out articles on various movie making and video related topics. This probably comes (at least to a degree) from my 15 years in the entertainment industry ;). I currently work as R&D at a major tech driven video games company. I’ve spent these years working on graphics related stuff, mostly real time 3D graphics but also image processing.

In short, this site is the outlet for my cinematography and videography interest. I (will) write on things related to lighting, cameras, lenses, shot composition and anything that has to do with cinematography, be it technical, artistic or philosophical. The closely related subject of photography may pop up occasionally. Gear and resource reviews are likely. Parts of my collection of film related books will also undoubtedly transform into book reviews on this site.

You can contact me via email at shutterangle.cpc -at- gmail |dot| com, or through my twitter account at http://twitter.com/shutterangle.

  • CC
    #1 written by CC 12 years ago

    Great stuff. Keep it coming!

  • JamesB
    #2 written by JamesB 11 years ago

    This blog is brilliant and very much needed.

  • Tijmen
    #3 written by Tijmen 11 years ago

    Thank you for putting effort in creating this impressive overview of the technical aspects of filmmaking! The knowledge shared on this blog is a must for anyone who dares to state they know what they’re doing whilst holding a camera.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Raghuvir
    #4 written by Raghuvir 9 years ago

    Hey, can you please include an option to subscribe to your website posts through email. Please…..


    • admin
      #5 written by admin 8 years ago

      I’ll see if I can do this.
      In the meantime, if you have a Twitter account, I usually announce there when a new article is posted on the site.

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