The first cheapish 4K cameras are here. Panasonic GH4 is out and Sony A7S is on the horizon. But nobody needs 4K, right? There is still a lot to be had from shooting in 4K though. Shooting 4K for 2K/1080p delivery has a couple of advantages. First, you generally get sharper images after the downscale from 4K to 2K in post compared to shooting 2K in-camera. Second, there is increased color precision in the downscaled image. You get 10-bit 2K video from 8-bit 4K video, or 12-bit 2K video from 10-bit 4K video. This advantage is sometimes misunderstood, some people go as far as saying there isn’t any (spoiler: they are wrong). So here is an explanation with examples. Read More