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Color Matching Lenses for Video

Traditionally, cine lenses have been color matched. Careful selection of glass and coatings results in consistent color and images that intercut flawlessly after the film is processed and edited together. Consistent color is one of the many features of cine lens sets. Among the others are T-stop markings, matching barrel size, fixed front diameter, smooth aperture, consistent focus and aperture ring sizes, consistent out of focus rendering, consistent contrast, etc. Lots of consistency there. No similar consistency is expected from photographic lenses. Read More

Canon picture style dynamic range

Canon Picture Styles: Shooting Flat or Not?

When Technicolor released the CineStyle picture profile last year it immediately became a hit amongst Canon DSLR videographers. After all, this is Technicolor. These folks have extensive experience in color science, image processing and digital intermediate. So after this introduction the following may come as a surprise to you. The thing is, unless you know exactly why you are using CineStyle, then chances are you will get better results by not using it. This article talks about dynamic range and picture styles, and attempts to explain the Why’s behind the previous statement. Also, we are focused here on Canon picture styles but the principles apply to any DSLR or video camera with 8-bit video. Read More

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