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Light Meter Sekonic L-308DC

Exposure Tools for Digital Video, Part 2

The first part of this exposure tools overview article introduced the topic and covered histogram, zebras and waveform monitor. We are now continuing the summary with a few more tools: false color, spot displays, external light meters. Familiarity with all these instruments is a prerequisite for good technical understanding and creative handling of various exposure tasks. Read more

Waveform monitor

Exposure Tools for Digital Video, Part 1

On the formal level, exposure is the amount of light that reaches the image-capturing medium. It is determined by the sensitivity of the medium, the illuminance at the image plane and the exposure time. Setting exposure is one of the most important artistic decisions and probably the most important technical decision for a shot because it governs the distribution of tones in the image. With film, exposure choice requires good knowledge of the available exposure latitude and the dynamic range distribution of the emulsion. Light levels are measured with a light meter and the exposure can be further adjusted for optimal tonality based on properties like scene mood, vision or simply personal preferences. Read more

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