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Creating Depth, Part 2: Perspective

The second part of the Creating Depth series is about perspective. While people usually think linear perspective when they read perspective, I will also put tonal and color perspective here. All these are concerned with perceptual properties changing with distance from the viewer, and they happen to provide major depth cues in an image. This article also explores the relationship between lenses and space representation. Read More

Zoom lens

Choosing Lenses for Video

Choosing lenses for video can be a difficult task. If you haven’t shot much before (either photos, or video) you will likely have problems identifying the appropriate focal lengths and maximum apertures, let alone actual lenses. The best way to get over this phase is to shoot some – preferably with a zoom lens to get acquainted with various focal lengths and what they have to offer. This article doesn’t touch the subject of focal length selection, which is largely a creative decision. Instead, it offers some considerations related to the use of still photo lenses for video work. It is centered on HDDSLRs and large sensor video cameras with photo mounts. Read More

Carl Zeiss compact primes

Color Matching Lenses for Video

Traditionally, cine lenses have been color matched. Careful selection of glass and coatings results in consistent color and images that intercut flawlessly after the film is processed and edited together. Consistent color is one of the many features of cine lens sets. Among the others are T-stop markings, matching barrel size, fixed front diameter, smooth aperture, consistent focus and aperture ring sizes, consistent out of focus rendering, consistent contrast, etc. Lots of consistency there. No similar consistency is expected from photographic lenses. Read More

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