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slimRAW: CinemaDNG compressor

Introducing slimRAW: A Fast CinemaDNG Raw Video Compressor

CinemaDNG lossless compression has been an interest of mine for some time. I’ve described a possible workflow before. But it had some issues and the (lack of) speed was annoying, to say the least. So I’ve been thinking about a better solution.

This led to the creation of slimRAW. A fast CinemaDNG compressor developed by yours truly. Read More

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Lossless Compression for DNG Raw Video

There are a lot of good things about raw video but data size is not amongst them. Uncompressed raw video can quickly add up and fill storage. One way of handling the size problem in post-production is to do some initial adjustments on the raw video, then bake to a lossily compressed format like ProRes, DNxHD or Cineform and only keep the compressed video for further post and/or archiving of the source material. The downside of this approach is that a bit of image integrity and re-processing options are ultimately sacrificed in lossy compression, which is not exactly the goal of optimal archiving and image quality.

This article describes an alternative simple workflow for lossless compression of DNG/CinemaDNG video footage, and also introduces DNGStrip – an utility that’s used to optimize file size. Lossless DNG compression allows a reduction in video file size while preserving all the benefits of a raw post workflow. Read More

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